About me


Thank you Sophie Haber for the photograph


Welcome to my world of culinary creations. My name is Maddie and I love to ‘make stuff.’. I feel most at ease when I am using my imagination to create art and food. To me creation is my meditation. When my pen hits the paper I become lost in a sea of thoughts and whimsical ideas.
I live in a beautiful little place and can see the mountains and the chickens from my window. I like to live a small and comfortable life and I enjoy simple pleasures like picking fruit, collecting feathers or cracking fresh eggs into an iron skillet.


I start my day with a steaming cup of English Breakfast tea with milk and no sugar, and finish my day the same way. Cooking food is what I look forward to everyday, whether it’s a simple lunch for myself or a wholesome dinner for company. Food is a universal language, the ‘way to a man’s heart,’ energy for the soul, and nothing feels better than feeding the ones you love with nourishing ingredients. Using healthy, organic, homegrown ingredients is important to me and I want to continue providing my body the farm-to-plate way. The best way.

Every recipe on this website is my own creation. Feel free to re-blog, but just link back to this site!


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