Raw summer rolls with a warm sunflower coconut dipping sauce

These summer rolls are totally customizable, so you can swap out ingredients for what you have available to you. These were great to make this summer when we had an abundance of zucchini and beets to use up. Deliciously sweet and crunchy, these take a little time to prepare but are totally worth it, not to mention healthy, vegetarian and vegan. I’m leaving the proportions of vegetables very vague. If you’re preparing for a lunch or for more than once person then prepare more veggies. You can always cut more, and any leftovers store great in the fridge for snacking! Yum! I also prepare using homegrown where I can, so I know the veggies are fresh and ultra tasty. I use organic vegetables so I leave the skins on my carrots and apples. If you aren’t using organic I would peel the fruit and vegetables.

For the Spring Rolls:

  • Raw Carrots
  • Raw Beets (Candy Beets are ultra sweet and tasty in these)
  • Raw Zucchini or English Cucumber
  • Sliced Apples
  • Spinach
  • Avocado
  • Mung Bean Sprouts
  • Round Rice or Tapioca Paper
  • Warm Water

For the Dipping Sauce: (Texture and consistency are personal for this sauce. If you like it thicker, add more Sunflower butter, if it’s too salty for you add more coconut milk. Have fun with it! This is the way that works for me.)

  • 1 inch piece of Ginger, grated
  • 2 cloves of Garlic, grated
  • 1/2 Red Chili. cut finely
  • 1 tbsp of Coconut Oil
  • 1/4 of a cup of Soy Sauce
  • 1 tbsp of Sunflower Butter (click for recipe)
  • Juice of 1 Lime
  • 2 tsp of Honey (or other sweetener)
  • 1/4 of a cup of Coconut Milk

To make the summer rolls:

Begin by preparing your vegetables. I like to put a large tray in front of me to put all of the prepared veggies on. Slice all of the hard fruits and vegetables thinly, but leave the apples until last as they will brown. Try and keep the vegetables long, perhaps the length of half a carrot. This will make filling your summer rolls easier. You don’t need to prepare the mung beans or the spinach. For the rice paper, fill a large bowl with warm water. I like to use a wooden board to fold my spring rolls on. Take a piece of rice paper and submerge it in warm water completely for about 10 seconds or until it just begins to soften. If it becomes too soft it will be more difficult to fold. Lay it flat on your board. I fold my rolls like a burrito, I like the ends closed to encase the filling, and make sure to roll extra tight. This is a great tutorial on how to fold your summer roll. Lay on a plate while you prepare the others. When completed cut at a slight diagonal angle so you can see all of the wonderful bright colors inside.

To make te sauce:

Heat the coconut oil over a medium heat in a saucepan. When it’s hot, add the ginger, garlic and chili and saute for a minute or so. Turn the heat down to low-medium. Add the soy sauce, stir and then add the sunflower butter. Stir vigorously until it has melted and combined with the soy sauce. Now simply add the lime juice, honey and coconut milk. If the sauce has the consistency and taste that you like remove from the heat and pour into a small bowl. It’s best served warm! I sometimes add a little more coconut milk if I want a creamier consistency, but my preference always changes! Enjoy!


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